Benefits of ERP Software for the continuity of your company

Benefits of ERP Software for the continuity of your company

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a planning concept to be able to utilize existing resources within the company. ERP itself emphasizes more on aspects of planning and analysis of company resources such as finance, accounting, human resources, supply chain, and so on.

ERP software is an integrated system and has the aim to summarize business processes. This is important to form an efficient and effective collaboration. The main thing in ERP is the integrated planning aspect in a company with the aim of being able to plan, manage resources, and respond to customer needs.

History of ERP

ERP technology was born from the company’s desire to increase competitiveness more effectively. The concept has been around since the 1960s when at that time this concept was used by large companies that were looking for a way out to manage their business data.

It was only in 1990 that the term ERP was widely known, which was coined by the Gartner Group. ERP systems at that time had many functions beyond inventory management and other operational processes to functions such as finance, engineering, human resources, and project management.

Along with the times, ERP technology is claimed to be able to solve various operational problems related to the company, so that the company is able to pocket a large amount of profit. ERP is also now popular with small companies including SMEs.

ERP Software

This ERP indonesia concept can work well with supporting media such as software. ERP software is an ERP concept that is implemented and created in an application. This system can facilitate businesses with real-time and accurate information so that business decisions can be made appropriately based on the data generated.

ERP Software itself has the following characteristics.

1. Is a software package designed in both traditional and web-based client-server environments

2. Integrate the majority of existing business processes

3. Processing all company transactions

4. Using an enterprise scale database for data storage

5. Allow users to access data in real time

In general, ERP software can run almost all company operational work that is carried out automatically and is connected to one another. The data generated by ERP Software comes from all divisions and becomes one so that it can be easily managed to make company decisions and policies.

Usefulness of ERP for Companies

ERP is developed, of course, because it has business advantages for business owners. Here are some of the benefits you can get if you use ERP software in your company.

1. Increase Collaboration

In a company, collaboration between divisions is of course very important. That’s why ERP software becomes a bridge to connect this interaction with a centralized system so that one division can access data from other divisions.

2. Optimizing Efficiency

The existence of ERP software is used to simplify various company operational activities that take up a lot of time and effort. Various complex tasks such as monitoring working hours, financial reports, to checking inventory can be done automatically. This means that work that was previously done manually can be helped and the team can focus on their respective jobs without having to disturb other teams.

3. Save Operational Costs

ERP software can help companies save operational costs because most of the operational activities are done automatically. Work can be completed more quickly, reducing lead time. Another effect is that companies can reduce labor costs because ERP can take over manual work.

4. Increase Data Security

Data stored in ERP software is centralized so that access points can be monitored with maintained security. The admin in charge of managing data can only provide limited access to certain employees. For example, the marketing manager can hide important data so that it cannot be seen by other parties.

ERP can be gated security from employees who have quit the company because it can be managed by the admin. ERP also shows user activity data so that admins can identify inappropriate or suspicious actions in the system.

5. Make a Business Forecast

Company leaders certainly need precise calculations to determine the decisions they take. That’s why it’s important for them to get real-time, consistent, complete and accurate reports. Reports in an ERP system can be a solution because they use sophisticated analytics and filters that can filter inconsistencies in data. This system can also ensure that the data obtained are generated at the correct time.

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